He Brews My Coffee

Start your day with a cup of confidence is the advice given in Hebrews 10:35. Different translations of the verse reveal a variety of nuances. The encouragement is to not disregard the gift that a dose of assurance, energy, and certainty that filling our spirit with the power of God and the fruit of God’s creation. The community of faith is cautioned not to avoid encouraging one another. This will make the world have a better glimpse of the divine. So gather around a cup or two and make the world better through the encouragement the Holy Spirit brings to our daily lives, together.

We hope you will try “Encouragement” our light roast blend and “Numinous” our dark roast, and find each a delicious, deep, and enjoyable cup to renew your strength. Coming soon will be our medium roast, “Community” which is a blend of notes, a little less caffeine than the light roast, without compromising flavor in your cup. If you would like to buy a bag or more please contact us at (706)635-2555.