Talk on Tap

Why a Beer Church? Do you have to drink beer? But I don’t like beer. What do you talk about?

These are the typical questions we hear when we invite someone to join us at for Talk-on-Tap. Every topic is safe to discuss.

There are centuries of people gathering around their pints and sharing the thoughts of the day along side the theological lenses through which we look at life. Together we help process the events of daily life through the fellowship of those at differing waypoints on the journey of faith.

We find that common fellowship a welcomed home around the table. There is always room for more chairs, join us this week.

We are currently meeting at the Cartecay River Brewing Company on Monday nights at 6:00 p.m. in Ellijay, Georgia. You are welcome to join us for an hour of discussion of whatever is on the mind of the group. While you don’t have to have a beer to participate, the goal of our time together is to share our faith and lives.

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