Meet You At The Cross

“Start with Jesus, in all things.”


Summer time or End times! The world is coming to an end. It’s vacation time to do our own thing. The sky is falling! The sky is beautiful. Maybe or maybe not, but our response is called to be the same lamp post of the light of Jesus Christ in any time of darkness and doubt as well as in occasions of joy and celebration. Where are we right now? Our starting point is in the reality of the present. We may be tempted to be the church we were at some time past; knowing who we were shapes who we can be now. God needs us alert and current. Therefore, take a moment to watch and listen to your heart and the heart of those around you. Encourage one another to be in prayer, study and fellowship with one another in Christ. How do you stay afloat when everyone else is drowning in division, debt, doubt and drama? Here is a starting point prayer. “Jesus, get right here, right now. I need you. Repeat.” Continue in this prayer until it is answered. The starting point is place we begin. It sound obvious but it is actually the most important part. Too often we choose other starting points than the present connection of our faith and spirit. We start with ideas, expectations of concepts; for example, we start from fairness, correctness or legal foundations. The homework is to ‘start’ daily in the Spirit, in the present, living out the faith we know and trust to face the day. Join us this Sunday for more.. God bless you, in the heart